Talk: Taxi! Over Here


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngHey, Taxi. Over here!

女底色.pngDid you call for a car service

男底色.pngYes, are you engaged

女底色.pngNot at the moment. Where would you like me to take you

男底色.pngI am going to the airport, and I have to catch the 930 flight to New York. 

女底色.pngWell, it’s a long way and there is roadwork near Broadway. I am not sure I can snake it in half an hour.

男底色.pngBut I can’t miss the flight. It’s an important meeting and it’s waiting for me. 

女底色.pngAll right, I will try my best. If there aren’t any holdups, I think we can get there in time.

男底色.pngThat’s great. How much is it to the airport ?

女底色.pngAbout $25, tips not included.

男底色.pngFine. Will you please help me with the luggage 

女底色.pngOh, yes, sure. Let me put it in the boot.

男底色.pngThanks very much. 

女底色.pngNot at all. Bang the door, please.

男底色.pngOk, let’s hurry. 

女底色.pngYou are in luck. The traffic is not heavy today.

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