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Cropped shot of a group of business colleagues meeting in the boardroom

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男底色.pngMs. Drake, I’m pleased to do business with your company. 

女底色.pngWe’re glad to be able to offer our services to your business, Mr. Wayne.

男底色.pngYour company is very well respected. About how long have you been in business? 

女底色.pngAlmost twenty years. We were the first total PR services company of our kind in California.

男底色.pngAnd this is your company’s head office? 

女底色.pngWell, yes, but now we have six offices in California alone.

男底色.pngThat’s wonderful. Isn’t your company part of JRE Corporation? 

女底色.pngThat’s right. We are their sole PR sector business.

男底色.pngThat’s not bad. How long have you been in PR? 

女底色.pngNot long actually. So I’m sure I will learn a lot from our cooperation.


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