Writing club: Feedback of the first writing theme “friendship” (2)

Here are the other two paragraphs that explain friendship well.
Anshika garg said friendship is all about sharing together. We never disguise in front our friends. Instead, we show the real selves and relax, because we do not need to behave well to please others. But we have to say school rules are really important that you should not bunk off. Friends should help each other develop, and make effort to build a better future, aren’t they?

We corrected some mistakes in the paragraph as follows: “With friends, we can laugh together, have fun, do stupid things together. And sometimes it is important for friends to have the courage to bunk off college or school together. We enjoy making jokes of each others, and can’t wait to have extra bites of friends’ pizzas. There are no such strict rules between friends. We are just trying to be ourselves. Furthermore, there are no secrets between friends, and definitely friend…”
Aaradhna Gaurav Sharma may be the one who makes the least grammar mistakes. It is a terrific story about best friends turning lovers. We wish every one can find his/her own Miss/Mr Right!
And we will give Jitendra a special correction.
After: “I am a freshman studying b.tech. I met anand kumar when I  was enrolled in the school to study b.tech. He is my best friend at present. Now we spend our time together. He always encourage me and support me whenever I have problems. He is a nice boy and he plays cricket very well. Moreover, his parents are really kind to us friends.” We suggest Jitendra pay more attention to the basic grammar, such as tense, conjugation of verbs.
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