Writing club: Feedback of the first writing theme “friendship” (1)

Last Friday, we started our writing club online, and we got so many fantastic comments on the topic of “friendship”. Without a doubt, you all have your own impressive understanding of “friendship” . Some of you are just like philosophers with critical thinking, giving us your unique definition of “friendship”. some of you recalled your wonderful time spent with your friends. When it comes to friendship, there will always be so many touching stories. Of course, it is so lucky for all of us that we know what is a friend.
It is so hard for us to select only five best comments. You all did pretty well. But there are some spelling mistakes, grammar errors in your writings. And sometimes you do not know how to organize your writings well to express more clearly. These five comments represent your special thinking of friendship (Because our space is limited, we can only show some comments here).
IMAM gave us a simple but impressive definition of friendship.
But there are some mistakes in this paragraph. After we corrected it, the paragraph is down below.
“Friendship is like two bodies sharing one soul. For us human beings, without friendship, it is like a moon without stars. Furthermore, in friendship there are no barriers of religions, races, genders, etc.”
Rouman expressed similar ideas in detail.
After: “Friendship means two bodies with one soul. It gives  us a sense of well being and perfection. For a person, without a friend is like a cloud without rain. He/She can apparently do daily activities like normal people, but he/she can not live a real life. He/She will always feel lonely, and have no one to share feelings and thoughts. It is well known that sharing grief and sadness with your friends can relieve the pain. Without friends, we can not enjoy life as it is. “
Gsbs expanded the meaning of friendship. There are some comments expressing similar ideas. In some ways, “friendship”and “love” get mixed up as “friendship” here sounds like universal love.
We changed a little as “Friendship is good. I can’t completely elaborate the word ‘friendship’ because it includes many other relations…We make friends with our mom, dad, brothers, our classmates and childhood friends. So we can see friendship is all around us.”
(To be continued)


Look forward to your reply!

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  • Friendship is really amazing relationship where we finds every things; fight, fun, care, quarrels, help and happiness.

  • I really feel that without friendship or friends you can’t live a happy life…. because we are a human being….we need someone support,love, and appreciation in our life….this will give us an happy life

  • Friendship is name of realization of pain sorrow difficulties your dear,s one friendship is other name of trust in your friends blindly.

  • Is that friendship gives more happy than our family gives us
    Is that really gives us much support that our family gives us

  • Freindship is like ionic bonds which in can’t be broken..we should have make a very strong bonding to others.I think as a human being we should have to build friendship. without friendship people are not get their achievements what they want if we want make possible anything then we need friends. Nowadays peoples are thinking only for them not for others .

  • I just wanna join your writing club but i m not getting where i have to post soo plz help me out

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