Reading tips: How to read a book every week?

Don’t read before bed, read before work
Most people keep their reading on their nightstand. If you read at night, you probably only get through a few pages before you get sleepy. Instead, I recommend reading in the morning. Even if you’re not an early riser, use the time you spend checking Facebook and Instagram in bed to read a couple chapters.
Take advantage of your commute
If you take the subway or bus to work,you can use these time to read. A half-hour commute can easily turn into five hours of dedicated reading time every week—enough for most people to read an entire book.
Read on your phone
Before you tell me how much you “enjoy the smell of print books” like some kind of psycho, let me try to sell you on the convenience of reading in the Kindle or iBooks app: you’ll always have your books with you, and most importantly, you can always get through a little reading in those lost minutes of the day—waiting in line for coffee,during commercial breaks and so on. Those pages add up fast.
If a book sucks, stop reading it
You don’t have to commit to a book that drags. In fact, it’s more likely to make you quit your reading habit. Sure, you might feel obligated to finish a book you spent $15 on. But think about it this way: if it’s going to be another four or five painful hours to finish it, you can afford to put it down.
Do more than one book at a time
I’m usually reading several very different kinds of books concurrently: a novel, something nonfiction, and maybe a comic book. That way, when I sit down to read, there’s always something that fits the mood I’m in. When I know I’ll have an hour to read, I’ll settle into the novel; maybe after a particularly grueling day at work, the comic book makes more sense. Basically, always be in the middle of something ambitious and something easier, which will ensure there’s a book for however you’re feeling at the time.
Keep track of what you read
Keeping a list of what you’ve read will give you a sense of accomplishment. You can use notebooks, but honestly, it’s just easier to jot books down in your phone’s app. Also good: get into the habit of keeping a list of books you want to read next.

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