People of 35 years old are more likely to be unhappy at work

It’s often the youngest workers who seem to have the most trouble finding their niche in the workplace, but a new study from human resource firm Robert Half finds that true professional discontent kicks in after age 35 for most employees.
According to the more than 2,000 UK employees surveyed, one in six British workers over the age of 35 said they are unhappy at work – double the number of those under 35 who felt the same.
The report, which examines the influences of workplace happiness, found that older workers tend to experience more stress on the job than their younger colleagues.
Results indicate that 34 per cent of professionals over 35 found their jobs to be stressful, compared to 25 per cent of employees ages 18-35.
A number of factors may contribute to higher levels of stress in the workplace, but one common denominator for older professionals could be the added responsibility of trying to balance a family and professional life.
Of those surveyed, 12 per cent of workers age 35-54 and 17 per cent of those over age 55 said they struggle to juggle the demands of work with other aspects of their life, compared to just one in 10 millennials.
Employees that are aged over 35 have valuable experience that the whole organisation can learn and benefit from, explained Robert Half UK Senior Managing Director Phil Sheridan in a statement. It’s important that their happiness is not neglected, so businesses need to take the time to invest in their staff at all levels.

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