What does friendship mean to you?

Mr Brooks, Martin, Robert and Jean are being interviewed on subject of friendship.
MR BROOKS: I consider friendship to be one of the most important things in life-whatever your status, married or single. I see too many lonely people around. A lot of us get so involved with material values, family problems,  “keeping up  with the Joneses”, etc. , that we forget the real meaning of friendship.
INTERVIEWER: Which is what, according to you?
MR BROOKS: They say “a friend in need is a friend.indeed” which is partly true, but a real friend should also be able to share your happy moments- without feeling jealous. A good friendship is one where you accept and forgive faults, understand moods, and don’t feel hurt if a friend doesn’t feel like seeing you. Of course, honesty is an essential part of any relationship. We should learn to accept our friends for what they are.
INTERVIEWER: As a married man, do you find your friendships are only with other men?
MR BROOKS: Of course not! Both my wife and I have m and women friends-thank goodness. Although family life is fulfilling, it isn’t enough! Both my wife and I get tremendous satisfaction from our friends, married a single, male and female-and we both have our separate friends too. We’d get bored with each  other if we had the same friends!
INTERVIEWER:  You must have a full life.
MR BROOKS:  We certainly do! And as I say, our friends give us a lot of pleasure. After all, friends should not be people with whom .you kill time. Real friendship in my opinion, is a ‘spiritually developing’ experience.(Martin, Robert and Jean are being interviewed on the subject of friendship. )
INTERVIEWER: How important are friends to you, Martin and Jean?
MARTIN:  I’ve never had a lot of friends. I’ve never regarded them as particularly important. Perhaps that’s because I come from a big family. Two brothers and three sisters. And lots cousins. And that’s what’s really important to me-my family. If you really need help, you get from your family, don’t you? Well, at least that’s what I’ve always found.
JEAN: To me friendship…having friends, people I know I can really count on… to me that’s the most important thing in life. It’s more important even than love if you love someone, you can always fall out of love again, and that  can lead to a lot of hurt feelings, bitterness, and so on. But a good a friend is a friend for life.
INTERVIEWER: And what exactly do you mean by a friend?
JEAN: Well, I’ve already said, someone you know you can count on. I suppose what I really mean is… Let’s see, how am I going to put this… it’s someone who will help you if you need help, who will listen to you when you talk about you problems… someone you can trust.
ROBERT: Someone who likes the same things that you do, who you can argue with and not lose your temper, even if you don’t always agree about things. I mean someone who you don’t have to talk to all the time but can be silent with perhaps. That’s important, too. You can just sit together and not say very much sometimes. Just relax. I don’t like people who talk all the time.
INTERVIEWER: Are you very good at keeping in touch with your friends if you don’t see them regularly?
ROBERT: No, not always. I’ve lived in lots of places, and, to be honest, once I move away I often do drift out of touch with my or friends. And I’m not a very good letter writer, either. Never have been. But I know that if I saw those friends again, if I ever moved back to the same place, for some other reason we got back into close contact again, I’m sure the friendship would be just as strong as it was before.
JEAN: Several of my friends have moved away, got married, things like that. One of my friends has had a baby recently, and I’ll admit I don’t see her or hear from her as much as I used to…. She lives in another neighbourhood and when I call her, she always seems busy. But that’s an exception. I write a lot of letters to my friends and get a lot of letters from them. I have a friend I went to school with and ten years ago she emigrated to Canada, but she still writes to me and I write to her just as often.

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  • Yes, friends are those who complete our incomplete life. We can share our those talks which we can not share it with even our family members or husbands too.
    Friends doesn’t mean that we have to chill or gossip together he/she can be our role model key of happiness and joy on which we can count on fully from eart and brain. In my case i like to have one or two best friends and friends.

    • This is right.
      I also love to make friends because when I feel so bad they always tries to make me happy. That time they do such a very funny jobs and I start smiling. In Short they are the glowing star ⭐🌟of my life. I love them a lot❤❤

  • I like friendship
    My life is wonderful and I am very happy my friends is my shoulder

  • My all friends like to me and sport every time ,every situations 😍😍😍

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