Tough question : Are you willing to work overtime?

Are you willing to work overtime? This depends on you; you can answer as you wish. However, if it is difficult to find job or this is a good job, you should consider working overtime willingly.
Answer samples:
1. I love my job and when a project deadline is coming up, everyone has to pull together to finish it – even if that means investing our beloved weekends…
2. I do understand that it will occasionally be necessary in software industry to work overtime. Generally I feel that the work can be completed on time if we work sincerely and utilize the work hours. However I have no problem in working overtime if the project deadlines are very tight and requires me to work hard.
3. I am very responsible person ,and I have definite plan and I go according to that in a systematic way, so in case I am behind schedule I will surely work overnight and make sure i complete it in time.
4. It depends on the responsibilities on your shoulder. If I have to complete a task then I can work overnight and weekends… after that I will be happy that I have completed my job on time.
5. I can normally work in a few nights or weekends of overtime through the month if required to meet some deadlines. I hope projects are scoped and scheduled in such a way that overtime and nights are not a common requirement.

Look forward to your reply!

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  • Sometimes im working overtime. Especially on the weekends.

    Sadly, it is normal for my profession. When we work on project, project engineer be obliged to work overtime.

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