Talk: A Tour of the Factory


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngIt was very kind of you to give me a tour of the place. It gave me a good idea of your product range. 

女底色.pngIt’s a pleasure to show our factory to our customers. What’s your general impression, may I ask?

男底色.pngVery impressive, indeed, especially the speed of your NW Model.

女底色.pngThat’s our latest development. A product with high performance. We put it on the market just two months ago.

男底色.pngThe machine gives you an edge over your competitors, I guess. 

女底色.pngCertainly. No one can match us as far as speed is concerned.

男底色.pngCould you give me some brochures for that machine? And the price if possible. 

女底色.pngRight. Here is our sales catalog and literature.

男底色.pngThank you. I think we may be able to work together in the future. 

Look forward to your reply!

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