Key Words to Talk About Preparing Food


Food is one of the most popular topics for conversations between students , but giving a detailed recipe in English is quite hard.

It involves describing skills and measurement instructions that might vary from cups, to imperial, to kilograms depending on whether you are talking about America, Britain or Europe.

Then there are the actual food preparation and cooking words too. To get you started, here are five key words that will come in handy when talking about food preparation.

“Peel” is the outside skin of a fruit or vegetable, so “to peel” is to take that outer layer off.

A “core” is the centre of a vegetable or fruit, like an apple for example, where the pips are, so “to core” is to remove the centre.

To chop” means to roughly cut something into pieces, while “chops” – of meat for example – are thick slices.

You can “trim”, meaning “to cut back”, lots of things (like your hair for instance), but when you trim food, it means to take off the bits that are too old or tough to eat.

When you “toss” food, you throw it around. You would toss salad in a bowl for example to mix it with dressing, or you would toss a pancake up in the air so it can turn around.

Why not test your English and your taste buds at the same time and try and follow a recipe in English? Send us a picture of the results and remember:

If you want a cake: you have to bake
Bread is toasted: meat is roasted
You don’t boil with oil
You boil with water
And when you fry
Watch your eyes: the fat flies.

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