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One of the great things about learning English is being able to interact with others when abroad, which comes in very handy should you decide to do a spot of shopping.

Here we have compiled five useful words that you might come across on a shopping trip – you never know when you might need a new pair of socks, a DVD, or maybe even a new laptop.

Electronics and other gadgets are high on many dream shopping lists. Your iPads, laptops, TVs, and DVD players are often covered by ‘guarantees’. A guarantee is a protection for your electronic device that is often included with your purchase, or can be bought additionally. Sometimes it’s referred to as a ‘warranty’.

A guarantee can be used when something happens to your device, if it breaks or stops working for example. The manufacturer or seller will often fix it for free or sometimes replace it for you. When shopping for your electronics it’s important to ask if the product comes with a guarantee.

Have you ever gone home after a shopping spree only to find some of the clothes you bought don’t fit you after all? Did you try them on? To ‘try on’ means to put on the clothes before you buy them. No matter how much I hate trying on clothes, I always make sure I do this because I hate having to return clothes to the store. To ‘return’ something is to bring it back to the store to receive your money back, or to exchange it for another item.

When we go shopping it’s always nice to see something that you really want on sale. A ‘sale’ means product prices have been lowered. You will often see large red signs that say ‘40% off’ meaning that items now cost 40% less than their original price. How awesome are sales?! love having a good shopping day when I find tons of cool stuff on sale.

When you make a good sales purchase, you can refer to it as a ‘bargain’. The act of bargaining can also be fun. The word ‘bargaining’, used as a verb, refers to negotiating a lower price. So when you are trying to buy a car from a sales person, you will often have to bargain with them to get a lower price. Nobody pays the first price they are given, right?

So now you’re all set to get out there and shop till you drop. What are you going to go shopping for?

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