Talk: You play Guitar very well!


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男底色.pngHey. I’m a visitor from China. I love your music. It’s the best I’ve ever heard. Will you please spare a little bit of time for me? 

女底色.pngSure. Thank you for saying that. Actually, those songs were sung for the first time today. I wrote them in the past two months.

男底色.pngOh, you wrote them all by yourself. That’s amazing! Are you a regular singer here? 

女底色.pngYou can say that. But my band and I also sing regularly in several other places, too.

男底色.pngCool. Your guitar skills are very impressive. How did you learn to play like that? 

女底色.pngI picked up guitar at an early age, maybe around 8 years old. Afterward, I taught myself by listening to some records of top players.

男底色.pngWow, that’s unbelievable! You play so well, but you’ve never been to a real teacher. You will definitely be famous in the near future. 


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