Talk:Can I extend my stay by 2 days?


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男底色.pngGood morning, sir. Can I help you?

女底色.pngI’m due to check out tomorrow, but I’d like to extend my stay by two days.

男底色.pngCould I have your name and room number?

女底色.pngLinda Black in Room 207.

男底色.pngPlease wait a moment, Ms. Black. I’ll have to check the reservation records… I’m sorry, but we are expecting several tour groups to arrive today. They have booked all the rooms on the 10th floor. 

女底色.pngWhat can be done then?

男底色.pngIf you don’t mind transferring to another room, we may manage it for you. We usually have cancellations or no-shows.

女底色.pngThat’s quite all right. Thank you.

男底色.pngIt’s my pleasure.


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