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In English we mostly have the same word for both a man and a woman’s job title. Words like doctor, teacher and nurse can mean a man or a woman – there is no difference.

Here are a few examples of when we use different words for men and women’s jobs or positions.

Male vs. female words for jobs, positions
man woman
actor actress Actor is becoming common for both men and women.
prince princess
waiter waitress
manager manageress Manager is now often used for both men and women.
duke duchess
groom bride Bridegroom is also used for a man.
host hostess
widower widow
hero heroine
policeman policewoman Police officer is now often used for men and women.
barman barmaid
headmaster headmistress The unisex headteacher is now used very often.
king queen
landlord landlady
steward stewardess The unisex word flight attendantis now used more than stewardand stewardess.

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  • My girlfriend has a vocabulary that I don’t understand. She says things that r somewhat insulting and in her mind and to her own vocabulary she didn’t say nothing wrong.

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