Talk:Let’s Go Shopping


/If you don’t understand any word or sentence, you can copy to translate/

男底色.pngSarah, shall we go shopping tomorrow?

女底色.pngHum…Why not go shopping the day after tomorrow? Tomorrow is Saturday. I hate all the hustle and bustle of Saturday shopping.

男底色.pngBut Sunday is the same with Saturday. If you don’t mind, that’s OK. 

女底色.pngHum.Maybe it will be better. The most important thing is that I can have a day to relax after a week’s work

男底色.pngI see. We will go the day after tomorrow. 


男底色.pngBy the way, what kind of stores do you want to go?

女底色.pngI want to buy some clothes in clothing store. When we are going back, go to the butcher’s shop and buy some chicken. 

男底色.png Let’s also go to the jewelry store to buy a crystal necklace. I want to buy one for you as your birthday present.

女底色.pngThank you, darling. 


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