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Here are 10 uncountable nouns for elementary and pre-intermediate learners. The theme is types of material.

Nouns are either countable or uncountable:

  • if a noun is countable we can count it;
  • if a noun is uncountable we can’t count it.

Uncountable nouns can’t have a number before them. We don’t say:

one wood
two cottons
three leathers

10 uncountable nouns: types of material

1. wood
2. metal
3. paper
4. stone
5. rubber
6. glass
7. cotton
8. leather
9. wool
10. plastic

Before uncountable nouns we often use some:

  • some plastic
  • some wood
  • some leather.

It is also possible to make these nouns countable by using words like piece or pile:

  • a piece of wood
  • a pile of wood

We can be more specific and use numbers:

  • three blocks of wood
  • four sheets of paper
  • two balls of wool
  • five sheets of glass.

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