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Here are 10 uncountable nouns related to food, suitable for elementary learners.

Nouns are either countable or uncountable:

  • if a noun is countable we can count it;
  • if a noun is uncountable we can’t count it.

Uncountable nouns can’t have a number before them. We cannot say: one meattwo breadsthree creams.

10 uncountable nouns: types of food

1. rice
2. meat
3. bread
4. salt
5. honey
6. pasta
7. soup
8. flour
9. butter
10. oil

Before uncountable nouns we often use some:

  • some meat
  • some honey
  • some pasta.

It is also possible to make these nouns countable by saying:

  • a piece of meat
  • two pieces of bread.

Or we can be more specific:

  • three slices of bread
  • four jars of honey
  • five loaves of bread
  • six bowls of soup.

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