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男底色.png Hi, Tiffany. You look unhappy. What’s wrong?

女底色.pngOh, Steven, I made a big mistake.

男底色.pngWhat happened?

女底色.pngI really wish I hadn’t done it.

男底色.pngWhat on earth are you talking about? 

女底色.pngI got caught cheating. I feel so ashamed. The teacher saw me and told me I failed.

男底色.pngWhat were you thinking?

女底色.pngYou know my father. If I fail, he’ll kill me. I have to do well.

男底色.png But what you should do is study hard. 

女底色.pngI know…I know…it’s all my fault. I feel awful that I didn’t study, and I cheated, and I got caught.

男底色.pngSo long as you learn from your mistakes.