TALK: We’ve won two free tickets to Hawaii.


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男底色.pngI really don’t know how to break this to you, but it’s eating me alive! 

女底色.pngJust tell the truth. I won’t take it personally.

男底色.pngWell… hum. You are sure you won’t lose control of yourself? 

女底色.pngSometimes it’s wise to be direct with people. Come on, just tell me. Don’t beat around the bush, please!

男底色.pngWell. Since you’d like an honest answer, I will tell you the truth. 

女底色.pngAlright. What is that you want to tell me?

男底色.pngWe’ve won two free tickets to Hawaii for a seven-day vacation! 

女底色.png What? Are you serious? Oh, my gosh! There will be guys everywhere.



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