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男底色.png Have you moved into your new house yet, Mia?

女底色.png We just moved in yesterday, actually.

男底色.pngSo, what do you think about the place? Are you glad that you moved in?

女底色.pngIt’s great! Unfortunately, we’re going to spend a fortune doing everything up.

男底色.pngHow old is the house then? 

女底色.pngIt’s about 200 years old. It has a lot of history!

男底色.pngSounds fascinating. Where is your new house located? 

女底色.pngIt’s just off of the ring road.

男底色.png Do you have a big yard?

女底色.pngIt’s bigger than our last one. I’ve got flowers in the front, and fruits, vegetables and a fish pond in the back. 

女底色.pngIn fact, when the guest room is ready, you are welcome to come and spend the weekend there.

男底色.pngI’d be up for that!