How to Become Better in English Class

Are you getting low grades in English class and would like to get better? Well then this article is for you!



  1. Never forget punctuation and capitals!

It automatically annoys a teacher, or anyone who is reading it. If you make a paragraph, don’t forget to indent at the beginning of each paragraph. Also, don’t forget to add commas and semicolons where you need them.

  1. Make sure your printing is neat!

If your teacher can’t read it, you may have to redo it or it won’t get counted for your grade. You can practice this with just a piece of paper and a pencil!

  1. Try reading more often.

If you see a word, you don’t know, look it up in the dictionary! You can even read a few pages in the dictionary.

  1. Get some books.

There’s books like, “Wordly Wise”, that you can buy, and they’re really useful! You can learn new words and the meanings, and they make them for grades K-12. There’s also printing and cursive books to practice your neatness.

  1. Ask  for some book recommendations. 

Ask your English teacher for some book recommendations. You might end up finding a book you really like!

  1. Look for educational software.

There some programs you can buy that can teach you English. Instead of spending $500 on Rosetta Stone, you can get Instant Immersion for $50! It may still be a little pricy, but it’s a huge difference compared to $500.

       7. Score easy points with your teacher.

While it’s a good idea to improve your overall writing ability if you’re looking for a better English grade in the long term, you can make big short-term gains by changing just a few of your writing habits.

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