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男底色.pngHi, I would like to return this TV.

女底色.pngSure, do you have the receipt?

男底色.pngYeah here you go. Actually I also want to return this keyboard.

女底色.pngOk. May I ask what is the reason for returning these products?

男底色.pngThe TV flickers a lot when I am watching a movie and at times the image is not very clear.

女底色.pngI see, and what about the keyboard?

男底色.pngI spilled some coffee on it and now it won’t work.

女底色.pngI am sorry , but we can only exchange or refund defective products, we cannot take responsibility for misuse or damages.

男底色.pngFine! I don’t know why they make these things so delicate anyways.