TALK: When is the next train to New Delhi


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女底色.pngCan I help you?

男底色.pngYes. When is the next train to New Delhi?

女底色.pngLet me see…the train to New Delhi…here it is…daily except Sunday at 10,30,12,20 and 15,10.

男底色.pngAren’t there any trains before 10:30?

女底色.pngSorry, not before 10:30.

男底色.pngThen one to New Delhi at 10:30.

女底色.pngOne way or round trip?

男底色.pngOne way.

女底色.pngA soft seat or hard one?

男底色.pngHow much is a soft?

女底色.png$15.And for a hard one,only $6.

男底色.pngThen one hard seat,please.

女底色.pngOK.Here is your change.The train leaves on platform 8.





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