22 of the Best Popular Books You Can Use to Learn English-Romance



Romance books explore relationships, finding Mr. Right (a perfect boyfriend or husband for someone) or characters dealing with love or sex. Some romance novels have sexual content and themes. Others, often called “chick lit,” have a lighter tone, and are more about interactions between people. Romance novels are usually written for women, but anyone can enjoy a well-written story about relationships.

Some of the language in romance books can get “steamy,” or sexual in nature. But romance novels are also fantastic at describing what people look like, feel like or act like. Many of the books show ways that women might talk to men, for example, or ways men might talk to women. You might even get some ideas for how to flirt in English.

6. “Until the End of Time” by Danielle Steel

What this book is about: Does love last forever? The couples in this story believe so. This is a story about love that even death can’t destroy.

The English in this book: The writing in this book is a little verbose (it uses a lot of words), but the language is simple enough for an intermediate learner to follow.

7. “One for the Money” by Janet Evanovich

What this book is about: Stephanie Plum needs money, and she needs it fast. So she turns to hunting down people who should be in jail, starting with a guy she has a history with.

The English in this book: Fast-paced and easy to follow, this is a great book for intermediate readers. The book is written from the point of view of the main character, and it uses a very conversational tone. It’s written the way Stephanie Plum would actually speak. Perfect for learning how native English speakers talk!

8. “I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella

What this book is about: A woman preparing for her wedding loses her cell phone. No problem! She decides to just use the cell phone she found in the trash at her hotel. So what if the man the phone belongs to doesn’t think that’s a good idea?

The English in this book: This is another great book to learn how people talk, since it’s written in the first-person point of view. In other words, it’s written as if the main character is speaking or thinking. It’s a fun read that isn’t too difficult to follow.

9. “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

What this book is about: When Ana Steele goes for an interview, she is fascinated by the handsome and smart Christian Grey. The two begin a very physical relationship that’s all about control. This book is full of unconventional (less common) sexual material, and is for mature (adult) audiences only!

The English in this book: The language in this book uses plenty of colorful words to describe even the smallest moments. It’s a great place to learn many new words, especially adjectives (words that describe).

10. “Sincerely, Carter” by Whitney Gracia Williams

What this book is about: What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? Watch a relationship slowly go from close friendship to romance.

The English in this book: This is a fun, simple book that uses realistic conversations and moments. It’s told from a man’s point of view, making it different from many other romance novels.

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