TALK: My home freezer is not working properly.

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女底色.pngHello. This is Hamilton’s Heating and cooling service. Can I help you?

男底色.pngYes. My home freezer is not working properly.

女底色.pngWhat’s the problem?

男底色.pngIt keeps running all the time, never stopping. And it makes a strange sound. All the ice cream inside it melted.

女底色.pngMaybe the compressor is going bad.

男底色.pngCan you send the technician to check it out?

女底色.pngSure. But there is a minimum charge of $60 for a service visit. If your freezer needs parts, there will be an additional charge.

男底色.pngOkay. I’ll pay the charges.

女底色.pngI’ll call you back and let you know what time we can send a sevice technician to your house. What is your phone number?

男底色.pngMy number is 627-555-1234.

女底色.pngOkay. I’ll call you right back.

男底色.pngThank you. Good bye.






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