TALK: Would you like to go dance with us tonight?

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女底色.pngChaman, would you like to go dance with us tonight?

男底色.png Ekta, I am just not in the mood for this.

女底色.pngYou look so upset. What’s going on?

男底色.pngI lost the cricket game yesterday.

女底色.pngOh, what a pity!

男底色.pngI just don’t want to play cricket any more.

女底色.pngIs it that bad? It’s nothing more than a game.

 男底色.pngMy opponent bowled me with the very first ball. I was wondering if it’s appropriate for me to play cricket.

女底色.pngOh, come on! Failure is the mother of success. Don’t lose heart. I’m sure you’ll succeed.

 男底色.pngPerhaps you are right. But I still need some time to recover from the failure.

女底色.pngI understand.

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