How’s your verbal memory ?

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Let’s play a self-testing game.

How good is your verbal memory, and how good is your verbal representation? Okay to begin with a little challenge to see how good your verbal representation is.

Try the following experiment. Imagine waving your arms around in front of you. Image waving your arms about behind you where you can’t see them. Easy? Concentrate on the sensation of your arms moving, the air passing over and around them. Imagine the sensation of running your hand up and down your lower back.


Imagine speaking out loud and imagine hearing someone speaking out loud, but focus on evoking the experience of hearing them, not saying it to yourself in your internal voice.

Not so easy?

Okay, now keep your mouth still and imagine the sensation of speaking. Can’t? Shouldn’t you be able to imagine the movement of your tongue, lips, the roof of your mouth, nasal passage and jaw. The reason you don’t have this ability is because it is beyond normal experience. Many may be able to visualise it or know how they do it but almost everyone will not be able to mentally evoke the sensation of making a sound, let alone the speaking a common phrase. Would it surprise you that improving this ability can improve verbal memory.

A confounding factor is how can you ensure verbalisation is processed in the bit that is supposed to process sound. This can be achieved easily by mouthing a vowel sound, a word or even a phrase whilst trying to recall a different sound. This is referred to as locking up your internal voice. This will ensure that the competing motor representation is occupied or locked and does not compensate. Keep it simple to start with by just mouthing one vowel sound.

Test it, make a vowel sound in your head, for example, ‘Ah’, whilst mouthing a vowel sound for example ‘e’. The mouthing of the vowel sound should interrupt (lock up)the ‘Ah’ in your head. As you improve you should be able to evoke a word then later on a phrase.

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