How to Lose Your Accent

1.Practise your vocalic sounds. English has 5 written vowels (a,e,i,o and u), but 12 vocalic sounds (/i:/,/ɪ/,/e/,/æ/,/ɑ:/,/ɒ/,/ɔ:/,/ʊ/,/u:/,/ʌ/,/ɜ:/,/ə/) and about 26 consonantal sounds.

2.Listen to and repeat examples of words spoken by a native English speaker. You need to identify an example accent that you wish to imitate.

3.Make sure that you open your mouth widely enough and read out loud for at least thirty minutes daily.

4.Practise the ‘th’ sound. ‘Th’ is pronounced behind the teeth, where most languages pronounce ‘d’ and ‘t’. It’s not achieved by sticking your tongue between your teeth.
The TH sound can be easily made by putting your tongue gently between the top and the bottom teeth and then gently blowing. as in the words THree and THrough. Never ever put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth in order to create the TH sound!

5.Stress the correct syllable if there is more than one syllable in the word. English is a stress-based language.

6.Speak slowly. Finish one word before you start the next. Remember to say the final consonant in a word.

7.Watch English T.V. channels as much as possible and try to listen carefully to every word and then practice them. If you don’t have access to English tv channels, try the BBC Radio World Service.

8.Listen to something in English daily, whether its news, songs, television, a film or an audio book.

9.Buy a pronunciation dictionary and start working on it.

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