How to Improve Verbal Memory-Part 2

/Improve Auditory Representation/

1.Evoke isolated sounds. The idea is to try to recall sounds that cannot be represented by your internal voice (examples are below). Try to evoke as many sounds as you can. Don’t focus too much on one sound, you must try as many as you can for a little while then go on to another if the sound doesn’t come to you. This will be easiest to do at night, when you are relaxed.
A beeping alarm.
A single note from a familiar or pleasant sounding instrument (i.e. piano).
The noise of a buzzer from a familiar game show.
A crashing noise.
Smashing pans.
A door closing.
A popping sound.
The high pitch screaming of a child or even a baby screaming.
Any other interesting sounds you hear throughout the day

2.Get a Dictaphone and record a sound and play it back after a few seconds. Try to recall it exactly. Imagine the sound then play it back after a few seconds.

3.Listen to snippets of classical or instrumental music. Try to recall the melody or keep it in your head. Make sure you concentrate on the quality of the notes. Start with a few simple notes at a time and gradually progress to more complicated melodies.

4.Focus on recalling daily events, such as where you went for a meal. Try to recall some of the incidental sounds such as the clinking sound of the serving staff placing food, footsteps or the noise of pouring a drink.

5.Try to imagine friends and loved ones saying your name or a phrase they are known for. Then move on to people that you do not know well. Finally, attempt to remember voice-overs from adverts and slogans. Avoid voices that are similar to yours. Strong emotions assist recall, so familiar phrases and familiar voices will be the easiest at first. Try to do this with as many varieties of voices as you can. Be sure that you are recalling the actual voice, rather than simply restating what was said in your internal voice. See if you can build a repertoire of voices.
During conversation be attentive to the the voice of a speaker. If you are left out of the conversation for a little, listen in and try to hold a phrase that has been spoken then after a while try to hold another in your mind. A little later try to recall a phrase from earlier on.
Use the dictaphone and record a spoken phrase, play it back after a few seconds. Try to recall it exactly. Imagine the phrase then play it back to yourself.
Turn the television right down till you can just make out what is being said. Then, recall the vague impressions of their voices. You’ll probably find this will be slightly easier than trying to recall someone’s voice cold. Furthermore, it will be easier with repeats of programs you have seen before!

6.Read as many notices as you can during the day. try to hear them in a familiar voice.

7.When you have time during the day try to get into the habit of naming everything in your head in another voice. Use different voices for each object; again lock the internal voice occasionally.

8.Read familiar childhood books or comics. This should be done for at least quarter of an hour each night. Do not get frustrated if you cannot remember the text word for word—the goal is to evoke sound, not memorize the book. Remember to lock your internal voice now and again.
Read them in a familiar voice. You may occasionally, lose the voice. If this is the case, switch to a more distinctive voice or one that you have heard more recently.
Read a passage, then recall it. After the next passage has been recalled, recall the passage prior to that, then read it out loud again, and continue this until you have a progression of passages.
As you get better, progress to longer and less familiar novels.

9.Read your diary back to yourself in someone else’s voice.

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