How to Improve Verbal Memory-Part 1

/Motor Representation/

1.Gain a working knowledge of the phonetic alphabet and the mechanics of speech. This will provide you with the necessary mental framework to recognise and make sense of the motor and touch sensations of verbal articulation.
The mechanics of speech is best presented via study sessions using a series of pictures to present the position of the tongue and mouth, etc., for each sound, which in turn is related back to the study of phonetics. The learning of phonetics and the mechanics of speech is best aided with an illustrated and detailed breakdown of how each sound is made, which can be found in the title “The Missing Memory Link” by J Rowan.

2.Speak a phrase and then imagine saying that phrase whilst concentrating on the sensation of speech. Then, practice this in the reverse order: imagine or evoke a phrase and then say it out loud, all the time concentrating on the sensation of each component. This swapping round of the activities will help you to build a stable and more accurate physical representation of speech.

3.Complete these tasks again. However, give yourself a secondary task designed to create interference. This use of a secondary task is intended to inhibit the functioning areas from assisting in verbal representation and potentially drowning out the benefits of the therapy by forcing the under functioning area to assume the full workload.


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