Give English the priority it needs

English may not have a monopoly on knowledge acquisition but it is an extremely important language that we need to master, and this is the real issue I think.

Historically, all that happened made sense given the circumstances of the time, but the real issues and challenges are forward looking. It is tempting or convenient to extrapolate the past into the future. But is that the right approach? Bases may have changed.

It is true that in the past, different communities and societies, with unique languages, cultures and resources have made impressive progress within their geographical and political boundaries, without a common language.


If we see our relevance as only within our own national borders, only our domestic markets are important, and we do not need to work with the rest of the world, certainly we can ignore English.

Nowadays, “community” is not defined by geographical or political boundaries. If we have access to a computer and the Internet, it is a finger click away. The world-wide web and ICT have made a borderless world a reality as far as knowledge sharing is concerned. And handling knowledge requires language proficiency.

Just as Microsoft Windows and Android have become the de facto “lingua franca” for operating systems for most computers and smartphones respectively these days, English is the recognised international language.

We are inextricably interconnected with the rest of the world through our rich trading and cultural ties. Whether we like it or not, we are actually an essential part of the other communities that we interact with. English is the common global operating system.

Be excellent in whatever we do, and things will be even better for us all if we are also good in English. Let us give English the high priority it needs.

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