How to Do Well in a English Class

/Being Effective Outside the Classroom/
1.Set aside time to read for fun. Spend at least 20 minutes reading at home every day. You will be amazed by how much vocabulary you will learn and how much better your writing will be. You don’t have to limit your reading to literature. Read anything you like: newspapers, blogs, history books, poems. The wider variety of reading you do, the better.

2.Take frequent breaks. When doing homework, take a short break about every 20 minutes. Stand up, stretch, walk around, rest your eyes, and drink a glass of water. Short, rejuvenating breaks are better than long ones that distract you or make you groggy.
3.Pace your deadlines. This means not waiting until the last minute to do assignments and giving yourself plenty of time before the due dates to review and revise your work. If an assignment is due the next day, don’t wait until after dinner to begin doing it. If it is due in two weeks, do not wait until the middle of the second week. Start assignments as soon as possible.

4.Avoid doing too much at once. Set clear limits for your homework. Don’t try to read an entire novel overnight. Doing too much at once will overwhelm you and cause burnout.

5.Don’t cram the night before a test. Cramming almost never works, even for people who say they work best under pressure. Pace yourself and study in the few days leading up to the test, rather than only the night before or morning of the exam. Remember that good rest and exercise make for a clear mind.


/Making the Most of School/
1.Stay for extra help after school. If you want to improve your writing, then ask the teacher or a tutor for extra help. Your teacher will appreciate that you took the initiative to ask for help. Being proactive about your grades will work in your favor.

2.Pay attention in class. Don’t play games on your phone or check social media. It is rude and will irritate your teacher. Maintaining eye contact and putting down your phone shows your teacher that you are listening.
3.Write due dates down if you find those dates hard to remember. Get a planner to keep track of your assignments and due dates across classes. Use your planner also to schedule extracurricular activities around your scheduled homework times.

4.Keep a running list of tasks and goals. Give yourself reasonable deadlines to meet them, and check them off when done. Put these tasks in the order of most important to least important, and work on them in this order. Having them prioritized like this will help you with your homework time management.
5.Don’t try to do everything on your own. Seek out friends in your English class and set up a study or reading group. If your teacher allows it, share your essays with your classmates ahead of time and ask for comments/feedback from them.

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