How to Develop a Friendly Tone of Voice-Part 2


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1.Smile to appear and sound approachable. When you smile, your face opens up and stretches. This automatically makes your tone friendlier. Smiling will also make your conversation partner feel comfortable being around you.
—Practice smiling while you talk by standing in front of your bathroom mirror and saying a few sentences with a big grin on your face.

2.Keep your body open and posture straight to be inviting. Uncross your arms and straighten your shoulders and back. Don’t slouch in the middle of a conversation. Instead, use your body language to look welcoming and positive.
—If you feel like your arms are flopping awkwardly next to your sides while you’re chatting, lace your fingers together in front of your body. This is still more inviting than crossing your arms over your chest.

3.Listen attentively to show empathy. When you have a conversation with someone, it’s important to show interest in what the other person has to say. Nod and keep your eyes on their face while they’re speaking to you. By showing you care, you’ll keep up the friendly tone of the conversation even when you’re not the one doing the talking.
—Ask follow-up questions based on what they’ve said to keep your friendly chat going. For example, if they tell you they have a cat named Chloe, you could say, “I love animals! How old is Chloe?”

4.Keep the conversation balanced so you’re both chatting. Maintain a back-and-forth with your conversation partner. Don’t tell a story that takes an hour to get through. Instead, use the conversation to learn about each other or get updates on how both of you are doing.

5.Offer genuine compliments to be kind. Be friendly in what you say in addition to how you say it. Share a nice thought about the other person. Avoid making things up just to be nice, however, as it’ll sound fake.
—Avoid gossiping and don’t complain too much. These habits will quickly turn a friendly, positive conversation into a negative whining session.
—Be careful with your pitch when you compliment people. If you go high on the wrong words, you’ll end up sounding sarcastic. For example, saying “I love those earrings!” with a really high-pitched “love” might make your listener think you’re making fun of their jewelry.

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