How to Speak Your Mind-Part 2

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It’s hard to overcome the fear of speaking freely for what you believe. But speaking your mind is a skill that is used in many areas of life. Read on to learn how to conquer that shy, sinking feeling.

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  • Be confident.
  • Speak up when you feel like, but remember to respect other people’s opinion too – they have the right to have their own opinions.
  • Practice speaking your mind and expressing yourself with your family, then with a group of friends, then with everyone.
  • Let people know how you feel about them but don’t be too harsh.
  • No matter what, keep calm and take your time.


  • Don’t let anyone intimidate you; if someone tries, stay strong.
  • Don’t be too harsh about everyone; yes say what you really think but sometimes there’s a line; don’t cross it!

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  • Yes definitely and inspiring tips are given , being a beginner will help a lot

  • Yes sir you saying right that during the speak we have keep calm and listen property to all person then we should tell it is good path of speaking but someone not follow this rule and they have intimadte to people during communication

    • Yes.I am interesting to learn more.I would like to speak is English frequently. HELP ME.Thanks PRKSR TPG

  • Calm taking is progressing And effective. Your view and opinions is important but listening other is more important

  • This app is mind blowing and maximum learn to this app.
    App is very helpful. I suggest everone to this app

  • yes,you have given a very useful tips for.those who prefers to make .communication in English. If you allow me to express my opinion I would impress that many time it is confused to understand the.accent and pronucleation from the others.specially from the foreigners..please.your.advice. Anil

  • Sir My English word vocabulary is very week and I want to improve. Kindly advise what should I do.

    Pls help

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