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Many people would rather die than have to speak publicly, and very often, the audience would rather die than be sitting there listening to a boring, dry speech/talk. This article will give you some tips on how to speak AND entertain an audience!


If you’re new to public speaking, sign up! Sign up to school competitions, or local competitions. This is something that I cannot stress enough. The more speaking experience you have, the better. Line up a row of stuffed toys and give them a speech.

Have an interesting Topic Choice.

Know your topic REALLY WELL. This way, you are able to improvise a bit on the spot, and keep it light, rather than worrying about whether you’ll forget the important facts.

ACT LIKE YOU’RE JUST TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS. Make it into a casual conversation, without formalities and stress. This is an important point. Yes, you might be giving a speech loaded with information. So, when you use your own humour in it, the audience will appreciate your speech more! Keep it light! Make a joke.

Insert your own personal touch into your speech. Share an anecdote, or make a funny analogy. Tell a story.

Have confidence! Practise, practise practise. Get used to your speech before the final presentation. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, no one else will.

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