How to Entertain While Public Speaking-Part 2

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Dry humour is always entertaining. If you’re naturally into that sort of humour, don’t hide it. Use your dry brand of humour in your speech – the audience will love it.

The key to a good speech is to BE YOURSELF. It looks insincere and fake if you try to assume someone else’s speaking style. Just be yourself and talk about your topic.

Tone of voice should be casual and friendly.

Keep it light and easy! Simple is the way to go if you want to be entertaining.

I cannot stress this enough: JUST TALK. Talk away, and pretend that you’re talking to someone you are super comfortable with.

Be interested in your topic! Give the audience some interesting/fun facts about your topic. Your interest will show, as it will give more spice to your speech.

When you write the speech, try writing in dot points to give yourself flexibility to move around and be yourself.


DON’T give a speech on an empty stomach, or without any sleep, or basically in a stressed state of mind. That will impact upon your speaking.

DON’T choose a random topic you have no interest in. Your disinterest will show.

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