How to Say “I Love You” in Different Languages-Part 1

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Have you ever wanted to express your love in different ways? Do you feel like you want to say something more or different than simply “I love you” to a loved one? First, consider who you want to tell I love you. Identify what kind of love you feel. Maybe you want to say I love you in a particular language, or you want to express specific feelings for love that English doesn’t have. Learn the words, think of how you want to deliver them, and practice your pronunciation to impress the person you love.


Method : Learning Words for Love

Communicate the sadness of onsra.

Onsra is pronounced uhns-’rah. It is a word from the Boro language of India, and it describes the sad and sweet feelings that you get when you realize that your love is coming to an end.

Shout about the joys of retrouvailles.

Retrouvailles is pronounced ruh-trooh-vahy. It is a French word, and it means the great happiness you feel when you see someone you love after you have been apart for a long time. This word translates as “rediscovery” in French.

Bare your heart, and tell them of your tuqburni.

Tuqburni is pronounced ‘tooq-bur-nah. Tuqburni is an Arabic word, and it translates directly to “you bury me”. It describes the incredible and intense feeling of a love for a person that you can’t imagine your life without.

Send a message to tell of your saudade feeling.

Saudade is pronounced saw-’dah-djee. This is a Portuguese word that means being overcome by the feeling of missing a person you love.


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