How to Say Good Luck in Multiple Languages

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Ever wonder how to say “Good luck” in a foreign language? Here are several ways!


Practice the following:

  • Afrikaans: Sterkte! (pronounced: Stehrk-teh)
  • Arabic: حظ جيد – بالتوفيق (pronounced, Haz jaid – be al tawfeeq)
  • Bengali: আল্লাহ হাফেজ (pronounced, Allah hafez) (Note: “Allah Hafez is not Bangla. It is an Arabic or Persian greeting, often used for “Goodbye” in Pakistan and Bangladesh, similar to the common ‘Khuda Hafez”)
  • Bulgarian: Успех!
  • Catalan: Bona sort
  • Chinese: 加油 (pronounced, “Jia you”)
  • Danish: Held og lykke
  • Dutch: Veel geluk
  • English: Good luck
  • Farsi: Bedrud
  • Filipino: Pagpalain ka
  • Finnish: Onnea
  • French: Bonne chance
  • Frisian : Folle gelok
  • German: Viel Glück, Alles Gute!
  • Greek: Καλή τύχη (pronounced: Kali tihi)
  • Hawaiian: Maikaʻi pomaikaʻi
  • Hebrew: בהצלחה (pronounced: Behatzlacha)
  • Hindi: Shubhakaamana
  • Hungarian: Sok szerencsét!
  • Indonesian: Semoga beruntung
  • Italian: Buona Fortuna
  • Japanese: Ganbatte kudasai
  • Kannada: Shubhavaagali
  • Korean: haeng un
  • Latin: Bona Fortuna
  • Maltese: Awguri
  • Mandarin: Zhu ni hao yun
  • Marathi: Shubhecha (Shu-bhe-cha)
  • Malay: Semoga berjaya
  • Norwegian: Lykke til
  • Português: Boa sorte
  • Romanian: Noroc
  • Russian: Udachi
  • Spanish: Buena suerte
  • Swedish Lycka till! (pronounced (IPA): lʏka tɪl)
  • Turkish: Iyi Sanslar (pronounced — ee-yi Shans-la
  • Welsh Pob lwc
  • Sanskrit: Shubhamasthu


  • Associate the foreign word with a word in your language that sounds similar (preferably with a mental image). Using that method will be easier and will be remembered for a longer time.
  • If you continue memorizing, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t remember the words.

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