How to Improve Your Speaking Voice

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After your appearance, your voice is one of the first things that people will notice. Your speaking voice can play a huge role in the impression that people get from you. The stronger and more eloquent your voice is, the greater the likelihood of you making a good first impression.


Speaking Help

  • Understand your goal. A good voice is always attractive. Your voice influences your opinions of oneself, thus it is all the more important to be happy with your own.
  • Gauge the situation. Get an opinion from a trustworthy friend or someone whom you can rely upon to get an opinion of yourself and your voice.
  • Study vocal control. Learning music will greatly improve your control over your voice. Believe it or not, taking singing lessons can help you to identify where in your lungs and gut to project your voice from.
  • Learn from the best. Try listening to those people whose voices you admire. You can go to your public library to find famous speeches on tape or search for some on the internet.


  • Record yourself speaking so you identify your faults.
  • Learn new words and try to make sentences with them, then try to use them in daily conversation.
  • Pay attention to what you’re saying.
  • Do not use filler words such as “like” or “um”, just pause instead.
  • If your voice is sore, or you think you have some mucus stuck in there, consider using lemon throat drops. It will relive your vocal chords and will get that mucus out.
  • Try talking without excess hand gestures.


  • Do not use foul language when speaking, it can backfire.
  • Do not speak formally to close friends, you may sound condescending.

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