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Here are Internet Abbreviations for daily used English words. Now you can type like a Robot.

Internet Abbreviations

ROFL:  Rolling on the floor laughing ( used when something very funny ).

Sry.PB: Sorry. Personally Busy ( showing you are online and not in the mood of chatting in a group).

TTYL: Talk to you later (a way of signing off, used as a way to say bye). 

Plz: Please ( giving pleasure to ).

SAR: Sent as received ( forwarding a message and you are completely unaware of the info ).

TYAL: Thank you a lot ( used to thank your chatter ).

MYOB: Mind your own business ( a strong expression when you feel that someone is too interested in your personal life ).

< 3:  Love (are you really looking for an explanation? lol

LOL: Laughing out loud ( used when something is very funny ).

J4F: Just for fun (letting the people know that your message is not in the intention of hurting others ).

K: Okay (expressing just okay ).

HBD: Happy Birthday ( wishes ).

HAND: Have a nice day ( wishes).

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