Hello fresher’s world! welcome back.

Here are some Interviewing Tips for you guys.


  • use semi-formal/formal tone- no chatty, slang language—use conditional form.
  •  keep the language positive- avoid negative talk and forms— no I’m  not/haven’t/don’t/didn’t, never…
  • videotape yourself and re-listen to your English exposition: if necessary, make corrections. U-Dictionary helps you to improve your English pronunciation.
  •  if you haven’t understood a question, say:

Could you kindly repeat that please?

Would you mind repeating the question please?

  •  avoid humming and hawing by using fillers.

Remember manners and respect, and the magic words:
Please and Thank you!

All the best my dear users-  U-Dictionary 

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Note: This article has been adapted from the following source: http://www.geo.uniba.it/attachments/article/284/Profssa_Sportelli-Preparing-for-a-job-interview-in-English.pdf