How to prepare for job interview in English!Act I: The Entrance.

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The Art of Meeting and Greeting!

Dress Professionally In today’s environment, wearing a suit isn’t always necessary? Depends upon you but make sure try to look gentle enough.

Arrival Try to arrive at the interview location a little early. This gives you time to determine where you need to go, and will give you a few minutes to collect your thoughts. DO NOT arrive late.

Meeting and Greeting:

Asking for permission to get in, with polite English with clear and audible voice.

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I: Please, come in and take a seat.

C: Thank you, Sir/Madam.

I: Hello. What is your name?

C: Good morning, Mr/Mrs/Ms/XXXX.

My name is XXXX.(NB: first name first, last name last!) It’s a pleasure/ Nice/Pleased to meet you. Etc.

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