How to prepare for job interview in English! Act II: The Performance.

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It’s Core of the Interview

In this you have different Questions from different Categories.

Questions about your personality.


  1. Questions about you.
  2. Question about your strengths & weaknesses.
  3. Questions about hobbies/interests.

Question about Qualifications, Work experience and Career goals.


  1. Questions about the job you are applying for.
  2. Question about hiring you.
  3. Question about what you know about the company.
  4. Questions about current and past work experience.
  5. Questions about career goals.

While you are answering above questions you should use perfect English, I mean don’t make any Grammar mistakes.

Some important grammar rules:

  • Present Simple to express permanent situations, habits, routines, facts.
  • Present Continuous to express temporary situations, actions in course.
  • Present Perfect Simple/Continuous to express: general experiences in the past without detailing when and where.
  • Past Simple to describe finished actions in the past at a given, specific, or implied moment and place.

U-Dictionary app have all the words with sample sentences it’s very useful for you guys how to use a word in different sentences in this way you can improve your English.

So, stay tuned and share U-Dictionary app ( ) with your friends & family so that you can get more useful English Learning articles.

 Stay tuned with U-Dictionary  for Act 3.

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