How to Prepare for job Interview in English


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Don’t let it down your first interview!

Mock Interview in English to prepare for the real thing!

First, remember that job interviews should be a process of two-way communication.

Consider the following acts when you are preparing for job interview:

“Acts” of an Interview:

Act I: The Entrance.

Act II: The Performance.

Act III: The Exit.

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    • Dear Shubham Pathak follow all our articles you will know how to solve your problem. In the mean tomorrow we have weekend special article it will improve English. All the best

  • I would request you to post some of the stores which will help out for children’s to develop the communication….

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    • Thank you for you suggestions dear sridhar. In future we will provide such kind of articles.

    • hi kushapal information gives only message for us. everyday you learn little try to spoke out with friends,office,with brothers and sisters one-day you definitely spoke….

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