How To Learn English Very Fast: Part 4



The 3rd and most important thing to be fluent in English only 2-3 months, you must create massive intensity. In other words, you have to listen and read 1-2 hours constantly to English every day.


In fact, I recommend alternating the two activities.  Listen for an hour, then read a novel for an hour. Check the unknown meanings and pronunciation words with the help of U-Dictionary.


If you are really focused on speaking well, do more listening.  But don’t worry, reading will also help your speaking ability. You can also check pronunciation of the words with the help of U-Dictionary.

So that’s it.  That’s my simple method for very fast English fluency.

Of course, most people do not need to improve so quickly.  For most people, two hours a day of listening and reading is enough.

But if you need or want to improve very quickly, follow this plan.

Make your reasons bigger!  Bigger reasons = Bigger Passion!  Bigger Passion = Bigger Success!

Good luck!


So, stay tuned and share U-Dictionary app ( ) with your friends & family so that you can other English Learning articles.


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