How To Learn English Very Fast: Part 3

How To Learn English Very Fast


The second most important thing to super-fast learning and incredible intensity is to focus on English INPUT.  Do not waste time studying grammar or vocabulary.

You should spend most of your time either listening or reading.  This is the fastest and most efficient method for speaking English fluently.

Carry your Phone and U-Dictionary APP or iPad everywhere.  Always have a book with you.

Specifically, you should listen mostly to the Mini-Story Lessons, Check the unknown meanings and pronunciation words with the help of U-Dictionary APP.

Make your reasons bigger!  Bigger reasons = Bigger Passion!  Bigger Passion = Bigger Success!


So, stay tuned and share U-Dictionary app ( ) with your friends & family so that you can other English Learning articles.


Stay tuned with U-Dictionary  for step 3.

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