Learn English Daily in 35 minutes : Part 5

Here’s some good news: You don’t have to spend hours a day studying English.

By using the steps mentioned in this article series, you can learn English in just 35 minutes a day!

This is the fifth part in 6 article series.

13 Minutes: Read the News

Your English learning can help you know what’s going on in the world as well. Just read the news!

Reading the news in English not only helps you learn the language, it also gives you something current to talk about when you meet with others who are speaking English. Find some news that you find interesting every day. You can then join into the conversation when others talk about what’s going on in the world.

You can check articles in the Articles section of U-Dictionary Android App! The articles are classified into different categories in the app.

Also, you can use Tap to Translate by just copying any word inside U-Dictionary app, any browser, Whatsapp or any other app!

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how to learn english

There are many websites with news articles written for English learners. Voice of America has articles that are easy enough to understand but still have some challenging words and sentences. Breaking News English and News In Levels have different levels of news that you can choose based on your English skill level.

how to learn english

You can also visit any English news website like Yahoo News or ABC News, but keep in mind that the articles on these websites can be harder to understand.

Don’t really care about world news? We won’t force you to read any! Find what you do care about and read news about that. If you love technology, you might enjoy TechCrunch. If you prefer music news, maybe MTV is the better website for you.

13 Minute News Reading (and Speaking) Exercise:

1. Find a news article that interests you.

2. Scan the article for words you don’t know and find their definition. That means you should look through the article without actually reading every word.

3. Read the article.

4. Did you understand at least the basic idea of the article? Explain out loud what the article was about, as if you’re talking to someone about it.

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Note; This article has been adapted from the following source: http://www.fluentu.com/english/blog/how-to-learn-english/

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