Learn English Daily in 35 minutes : Part 4

Here’s some good news: You don’t have to spend hours a day studying English.

By using the steps mentioned in this article series, you can learn English in just 35 minutes a day!

This is the fourth part in 6 article series.

5 Minutes: Strengthen Your Grammar Skills

Ask a native English speaker about the grammar in their sentences, and they’ll probably just say that it “sounds right.” Can you name all the word forms and tenses in a sentence in your own native language? You probably can’t!

As a language learner, though, it’s important to understand grammar rules. There are so many new rules and words connected to English grammar, though, that learners sometimes don’t know where to start.

Take a deep breath and learn a little at a time! Choose one grammar rule to learn each day. You might be surprised at how much better you remember things when you learn them one at a time.

There are plenty of websites that give very short and clear explanations of single grammar rules. One good source is 5 Minute English.

how to learn english

Another great website is the British Council’s Quick Grammar Reference. You can test yourself here with interactive quizzes for each grammar rule. You can also check out Grammar Bytes, which has super clear and quick explanations with lots of examples.

There are lots of websites like these, so choose the one that works the best for you.

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5 Minute Grammar Building Exercise:

1. Read a short grammar lesson from any of the websites mentioned above (or your own source!).

2. Visit any website you love that has at least a little writing. For this example, you can find an article in Elle.

3. Look for examples of the grammar rule being used on the website. For example, if you’re learning about conditionals, you can search the page for the word “if” (just press Ctrl+F and enter the words you’re looking for).

Can you think of your own examples of English grammar usage?

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Note; This article has been adapted from the following source: http://www.fluentu.com/english/blog/how-to-learn-english/

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