Learn English Daily in 35 minutes : Part 3

Here’s some good news: You don’t have to spend hours a day studying English.

By using the steps mentioned in this article series, you can learn English in just 35 minutes a day!

This is the third part in 6 article series.

5 Minutes: Learn a New Phrase

Phrases are just as important as individual words. If you only learn the meanings of single words, you might be able to say “how are you?” but you won’t know the phrase “what’s up?”

It’s not always obvious when something is a phrase and not just a regular sentence. One way to tell is if you hear the same words repeated in the same order more than once.

Another way is to look them up on websites like English Daily, which has a huge list of English idioms. Not all the idioms you find on websites like English Daily are actually how to learn englishused in everyday English conversations though, so you’ll need to learn how and when they’re used as well.

You can also check PhraseMix, which has many lessons about more common English phrases available for free.

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5 Minute Phrase Learning Exercise:how to learn english

1. Choose a phrase from any of the sources above.

2. Read the phrase and the sentence that the phrase is in.

3. Answer these questions: Does your native language use a similar phrase? When might you use the phrase?

4. Come up with your own sentence using the idiom in a way that you would in your everyday life.

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Note; This article has been adapted from the following source: http://www.fluentu.com/english/blog/how-to-learn-english/

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